Canosia Township
QUOTES & NOTES 1893-99
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The following is from the oldest Record Book for Canosia Township, 1893-1899.  Our first Book of Record was lost in a fire, as records were kept in the Town Clerk’s home, which burned down.


From the Treasury Records:

In June 1896, the town bought dynamite and tools from J.J. Castillo & Company – maybe for blowing up rocks or stumps in roads.  One man was paid to cut trees out of roads.  Clubs and stars were bought for the constables.  Supplies were also bought from Marshall Wells Hardware Company.

On March 9, 1897, $93.00 was paid for a safe from the Detroit Safe Co.  On May 4, 1897, $6.00 was paid to haul the safe to Canosia Township.  That safe is still in the Town Hall today.

In March 1898, $2.00 was paid to open the town safe.

In 1898, lamp oil was purchased from Kelly Hardware Co.

Notes from Town Meeting Minutes, March 1898:  The Town wanted St. Louis County to accept responsibility for the upkeep of three roads, but the county commissioners would not accept the roads until they were put in good condition.  At the Annual Meeting the compensation of town officers was set at $2.00 per day in town, $3.00 when out of town.  Cattle are allowed to run at large, provided each animal has a bell.  One fellow was given “full charge of Semitary [sic] – keep in repair, seed it down, and cut the hey [sic].  Provided that the said Semitary be not used for pasture or neglected, otherwise the said Semitary will return to the charge of the Supervisors.”


Submitted by the Canosia Historical Society