Canosia Township
A Quiz for students

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  Over the years we’ve written about many subjects. Now we’re asking how much you know about area history, especially township history. Some of these questions are difficult - and you probably can’t find all the answers on the Internet.

  1. In the late 1880’s a teenager working as a water boy with local men on township roads would earn how much a day? 50¢? 75¢? $1.00?

  2. What does the expression “proving up” mean?

  3. What is a “sky pilot”?

  4. Why don’t some northern Minnesota counties have townships?

  5. In the early 1900’s  townships had three more officials than they do now. Can you name them?

  6. What does REA  stand for?

  7. In the 1850’s government surveyors reported Linden trees on township land. What are these?

  8. In the late 1880’s how did area pioneers with irregular mail and little access to newspapers learn about the pending incorporation of four townships into one named Canosia?

  9. What is a corduroy road?

  10. What is a “sad iron”?

  11. In 1857 the government surveyor found a “townsite’  named Canosia in this area. Where was it located?

  12. What is a “cookee”?

  13. What was “cross haul” log loading in the pioneer era?

  14. The earliest land records mention “scrip”. What was it?

  15. What was the earliest name for the Miller Trunk Highway?

  16. Is a township 36 square miles or 36 miles square?


  The answers are posted on the wall in the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of the Canosia Town Hall.

Kathryn Adams and the Canosia Historical Society