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This month we received an unusual donation: the Pike Lake 4-H scrapbook, filled with newspaper clippings and ribbons dating back to 1939. The first Pike Lake 4-H Club began in 1929 and, in 1943, a new charter was granted. This document, with its attached medallions, is now framed in the Town Hall.

The 1920’s through the 1940’s included the Great Depression years, but it was also a time of outstanding rural community efforts, such as Canosia’s school lunch program, the Jackson Club, gardening clubs and 4-H. Some of the early 4-H programs were geared to rural students and exhibiting at the Proctor Fair but, as times changed so did 4-H. This scrapbook includes a variety of projects from later years.

Thanks to all the 4-H Leaders in this community who each generously volunteered years of their time to teach young people good citizenship and also encourage creativity. And, special thanks to Valeria Witte for the scrapbook.

Kathryn Adams and the Canosia Historical Society