Canosia Township
Budget' 1920-1940
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The original township ledgers from the 1920’s and 1930’s reveal some tight budgets. There were roads, schools and a cemetery to maintain along with what seemed like endless repairs to the Town Hall. The wood stove in the Hall needed steady vigilance in the winter and, at times, people were working on the outdoor toilets and building a tool shed for road equipment.

During these same years, local carpenters built six very large wood benches, some of which are still in the Hall. One town craftsman built the sturdy table which is still used by town officers for meetings. Although this table has seen better days and is scarred by scrapes and gouges, it’s as strong now as the day it was built.

Today, courtesy of the Canosia Historical Society, that table has a heavy piece of glass over the top…adding real class to a memorable piece of old furniture.

Canosia Township Historical Society