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Historical society

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Historical Society

Pike Lake Tavern 
Later Years

Rural Farm Homestead

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Aerial Views
A Mystery Solved
Township Division

Issues from 25 Years Ago
Money Matters of 30 Years Ago
The 1920 Canosia Census

Tax Time: 1906


Annual Report of the Historical Society (2003)

Budgets were tight in the 20's & 30's
Businesses uses on Martin Road during past fifty years
Canosia history revealed in early birth records
Canosia Township was a transfer point for many

Days Gone By - From Clerk's Record Book: 1893-1899

Drainage Ditches, History of their beginnings
How to make a telephone call - 1937

Lakes of Canosia Township

Let's Go to the Fair

Make a Future Legacy Now!

Memorial Day Celebrations at the Cemetery

Notice of the First Meeting for the Township
Old Neighbors - Duluth Automobile Club

Oldest Records in the Township
Quiz for Students

Quotes and Notes form 1894-1897

The 1930 Canosia Census

The old town hall ain’t what it used to be
Town Hall is a Landmark Site

Town Hall Museum

We should tell the old stories once more
What the Ellis Island Records tell us.

What was the "Merry Jane?" Hint: people used to ride in one!

What's Happening with our History