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Historical society

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Wilson Spence III at 218/729-7746 or via email at

The Twin Ports Genealogical Society compiled information on the cemetery located here in Canosia Township. The results can be found here.


Historical Society

Pike Lake Tavern 
Later Years

Rural Farm Homestead

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Aerial Views
A Mystery Solved
Township Division

Issues from 25 Years Ago
Money Matters of 30 Years Ago
The 1920 Canosia Census

Tax Time: 1906


Annual Report of the Historical Society (2003)

Budgets were tight in the 20's & 30's
Businesses uses on Martin Road during past fifty years
Canosia history revealed in early birth records
Canosia Township was a transfer point for many

Days Gone By - From Clerk's Record Book: 1893-1899

Drainage Ditches, History of their beginnings
How to make a telephone call - 1937

Lakes of Canosia Township

Let's Go to the Fair

Make a Future Legacy Now!

Memorial Day Celebrations at the Cemetery

Notice of the First Meeting for the Township
Old Neighbors - Duluth Automobile Club

Oldest Records in the Township
Quiz for Students

Quotes and Notes form 1894-1897

The 1930 Canosia Census

The old town hall ain’t what it used to be
Town Hall is a Landmark Site

Town Hall Museum

We should tell the old stories once more
What the Ellis Island Records tell us.

What was the "Merry Jane?" Hint: people used to ride in one!

What's Happening with our History