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Issues from 25 years ago
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Canosia Township Chairman’s Report

The problem of pollution control faces Canosia Township as well as the rest of the nation. The board has kept abreast of development in this area. Immediate interests include:

"The Dump"… Canosia will be allowed to continue with the dump until the county gets a landfill system.

"Sewage"… The problem of creating a sewage system has faced Canosia for many years. Even though our pollution study indicated that the levels of pollution on Pike Lake were not as high as earlier thought, it is evident that our present methods of control will not meet the problems of the future. It is unrealistic in terms of cost and effectiveness for Canosia Township to undertake a major sewage treatment project by itself or with another township. The building and maintenance cost would be unbearable. At this time as in the past, Federal and State funds are not available for such a limited project.

The state of Minnesota is considering a sewage project, however, that would serve Canosia Township. It is believed that any such project must consider the whole region and the major area of concern is the pollution level of Lake Superior. Their present proposal would create a sewage network that could run into a central treatment plant capable for handling large amounts of sewage. This sewage plant could be located in Duluth and would correct the sewage violations they now have. Because this would be a regional project and would affect Lake Superior directly, federal finds are available. A proposal is now pending that would receive $40 million in federal funds. If this proposal is put into operation a percentage of matching funds will be required form each unit of government. This percentage is no set but your board is watching the program closely through the "Head of the Lake Council of Government."

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