Canosia Township
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The following are notes from Town meeting minutes.
June 1894: The Town Hall can “be used for the following purpose, namely religious purpose – day school & Sunday School & social gatherings of the people and Farmers living in this town.”

October 1894: The Board of Registration met for the purpose of registering all qualified voters for the November election.

1895: At the Annual Town Meeting, the treasurer and auditor report was not accepted!! A committee of elected supervisors was formed to report in 30 days. The treasurer was asked to resign, but refused to do so for two meetings.

March 1895: Resolved that a safe be bought and placed in Town Hall and that a platform be put in front of the Town Hall.

June 1895: General C.C. Andrews, Chief fire warden, St. Paul, sent a circular of the Forest Preservation Act and warning placards, printed on cloth, to be posted around the township.
This year’s records also show that men working on town roads were to be paid $1.50 per day.
A Town bull was purchased for $50 “for the benefit of the town, and not to be over 5 years old” and it was to be a “holsteine”[sic], a black and white breed. Apparently, the bull provided stud service – to breed the citizens’ milk cows, so they would continue to produce milk.

November 1895: the division of the Town made necessary the appointment of one supervisor and treasurer. Perhaps this division was to form Grand Lake Township?

January 1897: the Treasurer was asked to resign when the bank where he deposited the Town’s money became insolvent and the Town lost its money. The Town hired attorneys to prosecute the bond of Treasurer and take steps to collect said money. The treasurer refused to resign.

March 1897: cattle are to be allowed to run at large.

April 7, 1897: there was a special meeting to arrange an election to appropriate bonds for a telephone line to Canosia Lake from Duluth (Pike Lake was called Canosia Lake on early maps). The total vote was 14, 7 against.

April 24, 1897: The Town bull was auctioned off for $19.00 cash.


June 1897: The Town accepted a certain lot of the Marine National Bank, located behind the Court House, valued at $700.00 as partial security for moneys deposited in said bank.


Submitted by the Canosia Township Historical Society

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