Canosia Township

Don't Burn
That Garbage

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    The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District says burning garbage such as packaging, plastic, food scraps or even newspapers and junk mail releases many pollutants including dioxins. These toxic chemicals settle on our fields, woods, water and soils. As a result, these substances accumulate in the foods we eat and eventually end up in our bodies. These toxins can cause serious health concerns.

Burn barrels release hazardous pollutants into our air, water and soil - up to 80 times more pollution and up to 11 times more dioxin than a full-scale municipal incinerator, according to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Youíre affecting your health and environment more than you know. Stop burning your trash and start disposing of it safely.
Remember, itís better not to burn!

For more information, contact the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District at 218-722-3336 or visit

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