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Planning Commission Members Board of Adjustment Members

Tim Walburg, Director
Jeff Lundholm, Interim Chair
Mike Podgornik
Tom Amendola
Dan Jerierski
Gary Oswell
Jenna Yasgar Palumbo, Secretary


Tom Amendola
Bev Beaudette
Steve Hansen
Jeraldine Georges
Jenna Yasgar Palumbo, Secretary

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Land Use Ordinance Districts Defined

Canosia Zoning Map Land Use Fees
Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2002 Variance Application Instructions
General Permit Requirements Zoning Ordinance Enforcement

Wetlands Conservation Act and Our Township

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Land Use Fees     top of page

Land Use Permits - Residential

Single family dwelling (<601sq.ft.) $75
Single family dwelling (601-1400sq.ft.) $150
Single family dwelling (>1401sq.ft.) $250
Single family dwelling addition 126sq.ft. $50
Single family dwelling addition 126-300 $75
Single family dwelling addition >301sq.ft $100
Accessory building "A" (< 201 sq. ft.) $50
Accessory building "B" (201-800 sq.ft.) $75
Accessory building "C" (>801 sq. ft.) $100
Accessory building - Addition $50
Variance $325
Conditional use (Residential) $325
Deck $50
Late Fee Factor 2x

Land Use Permits - Commercial

Commercial building $200
Commercial building - Addition $200
Commercial Accessory building $100
Variance $425
Conditional Use (Commercial Permit) $425
Deck $50
Home Occupation $50
Late Fee Factor


Zoning Ordinance Enforcement
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Enforcement Investigations: The Planning Director shall investigate all violations of Zoning Ordinance 98-1, notify the owners of violations and direct the property owner to correct violations within a reasonable period of time, and, if compliance is not obtained within a reasonable period of time, shall report such violations to the Planning Commission, to take appropriate and immediate action on the matter.

A. Taxpayers within the County may institute mandamus proceedings to compel specific performance by proper officials in reference to administration or enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance.

B. Canosia Township may enforce all provisions of this Ordinance through such proceedings for injunctive relief as may be proper under the laws of Minnesota. The Town Board, or any member thereof, upon notification from the Planning Director, may initiate action to prevent, restrain, correct or abate violations or threatened violations. The Town Board may at a later date vote to discontinue proceeding.

Misdemeanor penalty: Any person, firm or corporation, or agent, employees or contractors of such, who violate, disobey, omit, neglect, refuse to comply with, or who resist enforcement of any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined in an amount not to exceed the maximum permitted for misdemeanors under state statute. Each day that a violation continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense. All fines for violation shall be paid to the County and shall be credited to the General Revenue Fund for distribution.

Refusal to Comply: In the event that an applicant or his authorized representative violates, neglects or refuses to comply with the conditions, performance standards or dimensional requirements imposed upon the proposed or established use or structure as a condition of granting the permit for said use or structure, he shall be notified by the Planning Director in writing by mail or in person of those requirements that have not been complied with (for purposes of computation of time, notification is complete upon mailing), in which:

A. He shall have no more than thirty days from the date of the notification to satisfy said requirements or be subject to the revocation of said permit; or

B. He shall have no more than thirty days from the date of the notification to make appeal to the appropriate body.

Citations. The Canosia Police Department may issue citations for violations of this Ordinance.

A. Citations shall contain the following information:

1. The name and address of the person charged with a violation or the owner or person in charge of the premises at which the violation occurs.

2. The date and place of the violation.

3. A short description of the violation followed by the section of the Ordinance violated.

4. The date and place at which the person receiving the citation shall appear and a notice that if such person does not respond, a warrant may be issued for such person's arrest.

B. The citation shall be issued to the person charged with the violation, or in the case of a corporation or unit of government, to any officer or agent authorized to accept such issuance. The citation shall be issued to the person charged pursuant to Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure.

C. After the issuance of the citation and within such time as shall be fixed by court rule, the person charged with the violation shall report to the Ordinance Violation Bureau.

D. If the person charged with the violation does not appear at the time specified by court rule, the court shall send a notice directing that person to respond to the citation within seven days of the date of notice and, if such person fails to respond, there shall cause a complaint to be signed and a warrant to be issued for the arrest of such a person to compel an appearance in court.

Inspections: All persons involved in land development activity shall allow free access to authorized representatives of the County at any reasonable time for the purpose of making such inspections as may be necessary to determine compliance with the Official Controls of Canosia Township. Failure of such persons to allow an inspection shall be considered a violation of this Ordinance and the Planning Director shall have the authority to take appropriate legal actions, or to suspend review of a permit, or to revoke a permit.

Land Use Ordinance Districts Defined     top of page

Land Use/Zone District: All lands within Canosia Township have a Land Use and a Dimensional Standard. These are based on the State Shoreland Regulations, Canosia Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update 1995, and the purpose statement of each land use district. The Dimensional Standards are identified by a number on the Zoning Map. The Land Use District is identified by an abbreviation. Each land use district is divided into a purpose statement to give guidance on the use of the zone district. The district shall not be used contrary to the purpose of the district or in conflict with State Statute, Regulations or adopted plans. Each land use district have permitted uses, permitted uses with performance standards, and conditional uses.

The following are some of the use districts in Canosia Township:

Multiple Use Non-Shoreland (MUNS) Purpose: The rural areas of Canosia Township outside of shoreland areas, due to the low density of development, can accommodate a wide range of activities if properly sited. The MUNS zone district in Canosia is 5.

Shoreland Mixed Uses (SMU) Purpose: This district is intended to provide a balance between lake and river use and the water resources by allowing a wide range of uses that are consistent with adjacent land uses and the recreational and natural attributes of the water body. The SMU zone districts are 7 or 11.

Non Shoreland Commercial (COM) Purpose: The district is established to direct intense and varied commercial development outside the shoreland area to appropriate locations which will promote the efficient delivery of goods and services while assuring the integrity of surrounding land uses. The COM zone district is 11.

Residential (RES) Purpose: This District is intended to be used in those areas of the Township with extensive residential development. This district shall be use to promote a high quality residential living environment where non-residential uses are restricted. This district may be used in shoreland and nonshoreland areas that are typically platted or, if not platted, have a development density of dwellings of more than one dwelling per 300 lineal feet of road or shore frontage. The RES zone district is 5.

The following are some of the definitions of zone district requirements in Canosia:

District 5 Requirements: 2.5 acres; 200 foot frontage; 10% maximum lot coverage; principal residents side yard setback is 20 feet and rear yard is 45 feet; accessory building side yard setback is 10 feet and rear yard is 10 feet.

District 7 Requirements: 1.0 acres; 150 foot frontage; 25% maximum lot coverage; principal residents side yard setback is 20 feet and rear yard is 45 feet; accessory building side yard setback is 10 feet and rear yard is 10 feet.

District 11 Requirements: 0.5 acres; 100 foot frontage; 25% maximum lot coverage; principal residents side yard setback is 15 feet and rear yard is 40 feet; accessory building side yard setback is 10 feet and rear yard is 10 feet.

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